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Flipgrid- A Formative for Engaging GenZ Students!

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Flipgrid is a website that allows students to record themselves. Traumatized teachers who have lived through the Vine/Musically/Tiktok crazes may be apprehensive to try this but it is an effective educational platform that allows students to present the information they have learned.

Teachers start by making an account. This is relatively easy since they can just connect their google accounts or sign up with an email. Once an account is created the teacher can make groups. This is great for secondary teachers who may have multiple classes or sections. Teachers will create a class code and decide how they want to add students (email, student usernames, or google classroom). Teachers can set alerts for students each time a new topic is posted as well as set up a unique background for the class.

Once the group is created the teacher is ready to make a topic. On the group’s home page click the “Add Topic” button. Fill in a title and then give directions for students to follow. It is important to be very specific in what you want your students to say. There are lots of ways teachers can enhance their prompt. Teachers can record themselves giving instructions, add a Youtube video for students to watch, add an informative image, and more. Here is an example of what a prompt can look like:

One of the best parts of Flipgrid is the control that the teacher has over what can be shared with the class. Some of the controls include:

  • Setting the recording time limit from 15 seconds up to 10 minutes

  • Having the teacher approve every video before it is posted to the class group

  • Allowing students to leave both likes and comments, either a like or a comment, or neither a like nor comment on other student’s videos

  • Teachers can set a window of time students can access and complete the topic

  • Teachers can allow students to take a selfie for their video thumbnail and add fun stickers onto the image

  • Teachers can allow students to download and share their video

  • Allow students to use a “sticky note” as they record so they can access information or a script

The only drawback to Flipgrid is students who are self-conscious may not want to record themselves. The classroom culture and norms will be a huge factor in student comfort level. It is up to the teacher to decide the requirements of the recording and whether or not students need to show their face.

Overall, Flipgrid is a very useful tool that teachers can use to engage students in a variety of subjects. You can keep the responses very academic or give students the freedom to be creative and goofy.

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✔️Secondary Science

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